How Effective Are Your Blog Posts?

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It’s all about YOU and your BLOG. Help us help you.
As you might imagine, we subscribe to different experts’ blogs who write about the topic of marketing, blogging, content creation, SEO etc. We came across a story to share:

Having an effective blog is not just about knowing your audience. It’s also about listening to your audience. You must listen to your audience because they will tell you what they want to hear and when they want to hear it. A good example of a company that did this is Yale Appliance, a kitchen appliance company. The owner, Steve Sheinkopf, has trained his staff members to carefully listen to their customer’s questions as potential blog posts. In doing so, they’ve been able to lead the race in the information their customers want by answering customer questions on their blog before their competitors and instead of letting other review sites produce this information.

So what were the results of this fast and timely approach? Yale Appliance’s site visitors nearly tripled in a year, and they garnered some of the top spots in Google search results for several keywords.
Fast curation doesn’t mean you don’t spend the necessary time and thought to gather, organize and provide news and information that relates to your audience with your added voice and unique insights included. It means you want to be the first source to put this information online. Being the first makes you a powerful source within your industry, a thought leader, and means your audience (and sometimes others) continually come to your site when they have questions. It’s also good for you from an SEO standpoint. ~

IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH US on YOUR BLOG, please share with us the questions/stories that your customers share as the months go on. Together, we can create a very interesting place for consumers and potential consumers to visit and refer/share. But it will take effort from all of us so any time you can send us feedback from your front line, it will help our efforts.

IF YOU ARE NOT WORKING WITH US yet and you don’t have a blog or maybe you have one and you haven’t had time to add anything to it, this is for you: 
Your blog is an important piece of your online marketing efforts. It is where most of your prospective clients will land when they want to build a deeper relationship with you.  Here are 6 reasons why blogging is important:
1. Your blog is your home base; it’s the foundation of your online brand. Social media outlets are outposts to your online identity. Their purpose is to drive traffic to your website and your blog.
2. Your blog is your platform for sharing your company values, core messages and unique perspective. It’s a narrative that starts chain reactions. People who find value in your words will remember you better, refer you and/or become your customer.
3. Your blog helps distribute your messages to a wider audience. Readers who follow you on Facebook and Linked In will go to your blog for more in-depth content.

4. Your blog positions you as an expert. Each new post builds your credibility as an expert in your field. No other medium offers you this much free, unlimited space to communicate with readers.

5. Your Blog is where you begin to influence, persuade and move your prospects to act. It’s where they begin to know, like and trust you.
6. Your blog is where you can connect with your customers in the most non threatening way. It’s where you introduce your products, where your prospects can ask questions without feeling embarrassed or pressured and it’s where people can come back again and again for updates, ideas and classes.  Best case scenario is that it even allows you to find out what challenges your customers most.  Some blogs have developed such a following that the consumers can tell the brand what they want, the brand listens and then makes adjustments based on consumer feedback.  This is when magic happens because everybody wins.
So what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you blogging? Because you aren’t technically savvy or because you don’t have time?  We can help. Please contact Evan at 503-481-1735 or by email at  Let’s talk about it!